How to Ace The Game of Billiards

If you have ever watched your friends play a game of pool while you have benn just chilling at the bar table with a drink in hand, you must have realized that it looks easier than when played. It is true. Billiards or pool, as we fondly call it is a game that usually requires as much skill as it requires focus. Wherever we go, to any informal club or party event, a fat cat billiard table will be the center of the lounge with a hovering crowd around it, trying to pursue a cue stick and score in a spirit of friendly competition. If you are a newbie to the game, you will need some pointers to guide you through playing the game in the right spirits.

1.       Never Trust your Opponent:

Usually a game of pool is tracked down by a series of bets on the possible winner. So if you are playing through a betting session make sure that you do not underestimate your opponent. Most of the people in the room will have views on your opponent’s skill levels. Listening to them is wise but basing your game plan according to those view is the error that sometimes is committed even by players good at the game.

2.       Do Not Lose your Focus:

All it takes is one mistake and the  game will be placed into the hands of the other team. To stay focused is one of the most essential and basic tips while you are at this game. Do not get defeated by your minor failures while at the same time  do not make hasty decisions to increase your score.

3.       Go through the Rules One More Time:

It isn’t overtly cautious to go through the rule through book right before the game. To have your mind clear about the basics will leave you to plan your moves right up the alley. Also, there are various kinds of pool that are played so make sure you know the difference between an 8-ball game and a 9-ball game.

4.       Plan Out your Strategy:

One of the best tips of having a good game is to have game plan. This helps you to focus on getting after each ball on the table and offers you a chance at winning without giving away too many chances to your opponent. A good strategy allows you to visualize your game from the very beginning and offers you a clear methodology to follow through with it.

5.       Do not Get Excited:

Every one in this game is always looking for the perfect opportunity to shoot a power shot. But it makes sense that you do not get carried away with the notion even though the timing is not right for the shot. Wait for it and then strike. Most of the shots in pool require precision and control. So take your time to plan you next move and then head-on!

6.       Learn to be Flexible:

Always remember that things never happen the way we want in a game. You have to keep space for errors and mistakes, elements of surprise and unexpected turns in the game. It is a two player game so the illusion of control is better to be tossed away in the dustbin.

The game of pool like any other game has an essential condition to master: Practice. Any good player will tell you that any number of hours mastering the moves of the game are well worth the effort on the table. So select your plans and go hit the cue ball just right!

By EtoPick

Etopick is a team of writers that love games for the home!