Best air hockey tables

The details

This is one of the most affordable full-size air hockey tables on the market. While it will cost you less than $200, it provides the full experience. It has a stable build, a powerful fan and motor, and even an LED scorer and LED lights that flash whenever someone scores a goal. This is by far one of the best options for anyone building a game room or looking for a source of exercise and entertainment on a tight budget.


The first thing we have to talk about with this model is the fan and motor. Despite having a very low price point, this model features a model that’s just as strong as other premium models out there. And since it’s full-size, you and all the players get the real air hockey experience. Additionally, this table has a great little scorer’s table and LED lights around the entire table that light up whenever someone scores a goal. This table features a bunch of classic arcade features which can make a lot of people do a double-take when they find out how affordable it is.


While it’s a budget option, this is still a fairly durable model. To start, it would be unfair to expect this model to be as durable as the premium options out there. So, you have four leg braces to provide an even stable playing surface, and the legs and table itself feel fairly sturdy and remain that way even during intense games. However, it does lack a lot of the quality you’ll find with more expensive models, which is important to note if you plan on buying this table.

Ease of use

The initial setup of this table isn’t exactly easy. In fact, it will take some time and it’s best to do it with two people. However, once it’s actually set up it’s very easy to use. Once you install the legs and make sure the table is level and stable, all you have to do is plug it in and start playing. Since it needs to be plugged in, you will have to place this table near a wall socket or bring an extension cable near it for the fan and LED lights to work.

Value for money

This is where this air hockey table knocks it out of the park. Usually, people have to pay up to $1,000 for a functional full-sized air hockey table. However, this model is available for just a fraction of the price with the same features. The only sacrifices you’ll make with this model come in the form of some extra features here and there. With that said, you’ll undoubtedly get the full and immersive air hockey experience with this model, which makes it more than worth its price tag.

Final verdict

Whether you’re looking for a simple form of recreation and exercise or are looking to build a fully functional game room, this is a great option for you. It’s a full-size table that will give you the same experience of playing in an arcade with a variety of LED lights and functional scorers table, but unlike the other models out there, you won’t have to bust the bank to get your hands on this one.

By Leon Karlos

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